Jenelle Evans's Custody Woes Go From Bad to Even Worse

jenelle and jace

There's a lot of drama going down on Teen Mom 2 lately, and there's still more to come! On Monday night's episode, we got to see the moms take on a lot of tough stuff, and Jenelle finally started gearing up for her custody battle with Barbara, which has the potential to wreck their relationship forever.


After legit seasons of Jenelle talking about it, her day in court to fight Barbara for custody of Jace finally arrived, and since in real time we know how it ended, it was pretty surprising how optimistic she (and her lawyers) were about it. And if you ask us, it was even more surprising that Barbara didn't really seem to care about her relationship with her daughter where the court case was concerned. We get that her prime concern is Jace, but their mother/daughter relationship might be beyond repair.

The episode left off right when Jenelle and Barbara arrived at the courthouse. Next week's better give us more details about how things went inside! 

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And over at Briana's house? Her baby shower for baby Stella was totally adorable, even if it did come with some eye roll–worthy drama from Luis, and his random friend who showed up to film? Okay, dude. Regardless, it looked like she had a good time with her friends and family, but it's pretty obvious none of this is going to be easy for her.

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Leah is dealing with some tough stuff where Ali is concerned, but she's really good at handling it, and this episode only proved it. It was so good to hear that Ali's breathing issues were caused by asthma and not anything more serious, and that her school is willing to give her an all day aide. Fingers crossed this makes school way more fun for her.

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Chelsea's life is, as usual, pretty drama free, minus the fact that Adam is, yet again, not pulling his wait. How heartbreaking is it to hear that he sleeps through his visits with Aubree?

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And as for Kail? She's dealing with everything she's juggling as best as she can. We don't even want to think about being pregnant, trying to graduate school, and being a single mom to two kiddos at the same time. Is she Superwoman or something?! 

Oh, and by the way -- we will watch as many scenes as we can get with Jo and Vee's baby, Vivi. How does she keep getting more and more adorable!? 

'Til next week ... when we will hopefully be showered with more cute kids (and more drama). Can't wait! 

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