Jenelle Evans Responds to Emergency Custody Filing & Drug Allegations


Jenelle Evans is not staying silent about Nathan Griffith's mom's attempt to take custody of Kaiser away from her. Doris Davidson filed for emergency custody of the 3-year-old on September 1, and Jenelle is pretty sure her own mom, Barbara Evans, played a role in the legal action.


Doris filed a suit to gain custody of Kaiser, claiming that Jenelle abused drugs while pregnant with Ensley (who was born in January), and also that she and David Eason use "excessive discipline" with him. She reported "several occasions" in which she witnessed "bruising and markings on the minor child that are unusual and more than normal."

According to the court docs, Doris believes, "The Plaintiff and Defendant [Nathan Griffith] are at this time not fit and proper persons to provide for the care custody and control of the minor child."

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Jenelle responded to the claims in a statement. The Teen Mom 2 star told E! News, "Our lawyers are talking today. Doris made accusations but I can tell you that Barbara has a lot to do with them ... Doris threw her own son under the bus by admitting that he has pending felonies and possibly on drugs. Her emergency filing was against me and Nathan both."

She continued to allege that her mom might have something to do with the filing, saying, "I can tell you that they are allegations, driven by my mom, and she didn't get her emergency custody. That speaks for itself."

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Jenelle and Barbara have been involved in a years-long custody battle over her son Jace. The 25-year-old signed over full custody to her mom when she was a teenager spending nearly every night out partying, but has been trying to get him back after finally cleaning up her act.

They finally came to an agreement on a visitation schedule last May, which awarded Jenelle custody on the weekends, holidays, and during summer.

Given that Jenelle finally got some custody of Jace, it's hard to see Doris winning on this issue. We hope for Kaiser that they are able to bury the hatchet and get along, and she's able to trust Jenelle to raise him.

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