Rumor Has It Chelsea DeBoer Is Quitting 'Teen Mom 2'

chelsea and watson

Ever since Briana DeJesus joined the cast of Teen Mom 2, fans have been wondering if it means that one of the original moms is planning her departure from the show soon, and it sounds like that could be the case. Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer is rumored to be quitting Teen Mom 2 for good -- even though we really, really hope that doesn't happen.


Wetpaint speculates that Chelsea is the most likely candidate because she seems to be the one who's most over everything that comes with reality TV, especially the way her story is edited by MTV. Recently, she went on a major rant on Twitter, claiming that the way things are shown is "horse sh*t" -- and it's hard to disagree with her.

Between the way they've shown Chelsea interacting with Aubree and seemingly putting Watson first, it seems like the show is doing its damndest to make her look like a bad mom now that she has two kiddos. So who could blame her for being so fed up? 

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Here are just some of her (many many) tweets after last week's ep: 

chelsea houska twitter

So far, Chelsea has yet to confirm or deny that she's planning her exit. Even though we'd understand if she wanted to leave the show, we really hope she doesn't. We couldn't handle having to go without our weekly dose of her adorable fam! 

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