Amanda Stanton's Romance With Robby Hayes Is Already Over

robby hayes amanda stanton
Well, it's official. Amanda Stanton now has two Bachelor in Paradise breakups under her belt. On Thursday, Amanda announced that she and Robby have split, so if you were hoping to see a proposal on next week's finale, it's not going to involve these two. That didn't take long.


The former Bachelor star dropped the bomb in a new interview with Us Weekly, and surprisingly, she didn't have too much to say about their breakup. Then again, it's not like they were together longer for a couple of months, max.

"Robby and I are not together," she told the mag. "I'm not really sure how Robby's handled the situation." 

So it sounds like however their split went down, they're not staying friends after the fact ... yikes. We wonder if they figured out they were just incompatible after they left the beach, or was it something more explosive? 

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Despite the fact that they've gone their separate ways, she also gave a little insight into their relationship, and it kind of sounds it was doomed from the start. She said: 

"I wasn't interested in him at all and I was off limits to him because he's friends with Josh. We just kind of talked a little bit during the break and we just kind of enjoyed talking to each other I think. And then we just started hanging out more and more and then it just started turning into something." 

Unfortunately, that something wasn't enough to sustain a real relationship, but maybe that's okay. After Amanda's roller coaster engagement to Josh Murray, a little time to herself wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. 

What will Amanda and Robby's next moves be in the love department? We have no idea, but don't count them out for a future season of BIP. Stranger things have happened in this franchise.

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