Wait Until You Hear Who Will Walk Jenelle Evans Down the Aisle

jenelle evans wedding dress

Now that Jenelle Evans's wedding to David Eason is less than a month away, more details about her big day are starting to come out, and this latest one is probably the cutest. Jace will walk Jenelle down the aisle, and we're dying imagining how adorable that moment will be! 


In a new interview with Life & Style, Jenelle revealed that her first and oldest kiddo will be the one at her side when she makes her grand entrance -- and it sounds like he's pretty pumped about it. 

"He's so excited. He wants to wear his suit tomorrow," Jenelle told the mag. 

But even though Jace has such a big role in her wedding, the fact remains that her mom, Barbara, still won't be there. According to Jenelle, Babs "really crushed" their relationship, and although forgiveness is certainly possible in the future, it's just not happening right now, which is such a bummer when it comes to such a huge day in Jenelle's life.

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There are still a few weeks to go, so maybe there's still a chance Jenelle could change her mind before then? But even if she doesn't, it does sound like she'll be surrounded by plenty of friends and family to help her celebrate. 

We're so ready for these wedding photos. We need to see her dress, her cake, her decor, and, obviously, Jace in that suit he's so excited to wear. We can't wait! 

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