Becca Tilley Leads Fans to Believe She's Dating Another 'Bachelor Nation' Hunk

becca tilley with bachelor people

Well this is highly unexpected. After he went from being the sweet dude whom everybody took pity on after Rachel sent him home on The Bachelorette to a total player on Bachelor in Paradise, it appears as though Dean Unglert might be dating none other than everyone's favorite gal, Becca Tilley.


Maybe we're getting all hyped up over nothing, but there's a chance that Dean and Becca are embarking on some sort of romance. OK, OK, so we can't determine the nature of their relationship based on this photo, but Dean and Becca recently hung out in Lake Tahoe, and OMG don't they look, well -- couple-y?

becca tilley dean unglert

Um, they're even cuddling with a baby, you guys. What on earth is happening here?

And then there's this ...

McDeany. (Swipe to see how unwell I am.)

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"McDeany?" Huh? We should probably go ahead and mention that this photo was added to Becca's Instagram page with a photo of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd right after it, which totally leads us to believe Becca is trying to give a not-so-subtle hint that she and Dean are playing doctor. To an extent, of course. (As far as we know, she's still a virgin.)

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Maybe they're just doing some sort of Bachelor promotional stuff. Or maybe they were simply hanging out with Ben, Ashley, Jared, and Luke for the weekend. Becca did caption that group photo above with:

"Fun crew in Tahoe!!! Everyone's single- let me know whose number you want and I'll DM it."

But let's just go ahead and point out that she didn't post any solo pics with Ben. Or Luke. Or Jared. Or even Ashley -- so isn't it pretty safe to say our eyebrows are raised for a valid reason?

Hmm. If Becca and Dean are trying out the whole dating each other thing, let's just hope he's reverted back to his Bachelorette-style ways as opposed to not being able to make up his mind as far as what he wants goes.

It's no big secret that Becca is the catch of the century, so it would be a huge shame if he gets her hopes up and then winds up breaking her heart when something "better" comes along.

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