Kailyn Lowry Gives Fans an Update on Baby Lo's Name

Kailyn Lowry with Lincoln

It's been over a month since Kailyn Lowry welcomed her newest son into the family, and it seems like everyone is settling in just fine. One thing everyone really wants settled, however, is the matter of this little guy's name. Kail still hasn't revealed Baby Lo's real name, but she did just give an update to her fans.


The Teen Mom 2 star shared some photos from a gorgeous photoshoot on Instagram this week, but is still referring to her son as Baby Lo. She even had it embroidered on his little hat!

Kailyn Lowry Baby Lo

Fans have been eager to know Baby Lo's real name though, and some believe that she's keeping it a secret. It's even been hinted that she's waiting for a payday to reveal his name -- although she's combated that rumor previously, pointing out that no one pays for baby name reveals.

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So what's the deal? Kail took to the comments to explain why she hasn't shared his name ... and it's because he doesn't have one yet.

Kailyn Lowry Baby Lo

In the comments section, Kail responded to a fan and wrote, "I don't understand why people think I'm not letting people know [his name]. I literally have not named him." She wrote back to another fan that she has "90 days in the state of Delaware" to give her new baby boy an official name.

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So there you have it! She's not keeping anything a secret, she's just making darn sure Baby Lo has a name that suits his emerging personality. Sure it's unusual to not name your baby right away, but since when has Kail cared about doing what's expected of her?

Keep on doing what's best for you and your boys, Kail. Even if that means waiting a bit to give Baby Lo an official name. Only she knows what's best for her family.

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