Kailyn Lowry's Custody Drama With Javi Is More Complicated Than We Imagined

kailyn lowry isaac and baby

When we first heard Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry were going their separate ways, we knew it wouldn't be easy, and this is proof. On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, we got a peek into Javi and Kail's child support drama, and it's not looking good. 


We totally get why Javi would want child support from Kail, and if he's entitled to it, he should ask, but we also get why Kail was so taken aback by it. She thinks he just wants money and he's doing it to be spiteful, but Javi has always seemed to put his kid first, so we hope that's not the case.

It's probably a good sign that they're talking again, but this could definitely lead to some major trouble down the line -- especially since we know they haven't been getting along at all lately. We'd hate to see them lose the small amount of progress they've made so far. 

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Besides, Kail has a lot on her hands these days now that Baby Lo is here. The last thing she needs is extra drama with one of her baby daddies while juggling three little ones. But knowing these two? There's a low chance their co-parenting relationship will ever be drama free. 

Maybe next week's episode of Teen Mom 2 will give us more hope for Kail and Javi. We just want them to get along for Isaac and Lincoln's sake. The good news, though -- no matter what they're going through personally, they've never let it get in the way of what's best for their sons.

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