15 of Jenelle & Barbara Evans's Most Outrageous Fights

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Sep 5, 2017 TV

jenelle evans
Aaron St. Clair/Splash News

While Jenelle Evans's interactions with her mother Barbara are slightly better these days than they've been in the past, the women certainly don't have an ideal mother-daughter relationship. In fact, if we're being frank, their relationship is pretty much the worst. It's been hard seeing their fights throughout the years on 16 and Pregnant and then on Teen Mom 2, but we're always holding out hope that these two can come together and find a way to make their relationship work.

Throughout it all, it's clear that this mom and daughter do indeed have love for each other -- even if that love often gets buried behind all the fighting and disagreements. 

It hasn't been easy to watch, but it's their reality, and we've been invested in their relationship since the beginning. We're always wishing the best for these two!

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From calling the cops on one another to straight-up screaming in each other's faces, here are 15 of Jenelle and Barbara Evans's most epic fights over the years. Sometimes it's amazing these two are even on speaking terms. If, you know, that's what you want to call it.