Farrah Abraham's New Pics With Her Mom Debra Make Us Wonder What's Up

farrah and debra
Well, this is an unexpected turn of events. Recently, on Instagram Stories, Farrah Abraham posted photos of her mom, Debra Danielson. In the shots, Farrah, Sophia, and Debra were all seen smiling and happy together. In one photo, Farrah even had her arm around her mom! Could this mean the two have reconciled?


As every Teen Mom fan knows, Farrah and her mother have had some epic fights over the years, and they've only seem to have gotten worse lately. Last week, Debra even revealed to In Touch that she's been estranged from both her daughter and granddaughter. "Farrah has not changed her mind and I haven't been able to see Sophia or talk to her," Debra said. "And I know it's quite hurtful because I know how badly Sophia wants to be in the wedding."

Debra is getting married to Dr. David Merz this November, and from the looks of things right now, both Farrah and Sophia will be at the wedding. Shortly after her appearance at the VMAs, Farrah made a trip home to Omaha, and seemed to get in some quality time with mother. 

farrah abraham

farrah abraham

Looks like things definitely are on the up and up between the ladies. Let's hope it stays that way for good. Who needs that kind of fighting in their life?

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Over the years, both Farrah and her mother have been at fault at various times. If the women would realize that it's not just the other person's fault -- but both of them -- they could put the past in the past and move on. 

It would be a shame if Farrah missed her mother's wedding over ridiculous, petty arguing. Onward and upward, ladies. Nothing but good vibes.

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