Farrah Abraham Is Homeschooling Sophia -- Wait Until You Hear Why

farrah and sophia at the vmas

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has gone to incredible lengths to ensure her daughter becomes a star, but this might be her most extreme yet. Farrah admitted Sophia is homeschooled so she can go to more press events. Yeah, let that one sink in. 


According to InTouch, Farrah let this little detail slip while she was talking to press on the red carpet at Sunday's MTV VMAs -- with Sophia by her side, might we add. Apparently it's better for Sophia's career if she's not in a traditional school, at least in her mom's mind, anyway. 

Farrah said:

"She's doing homeschooling, so she gets to come to more events and that's awesome. I decided to do that, because at school, I didn't really want to make it about the bullying, dating, those things. It's focusing more on her studies, while also traveling the world if she wants to do that while she is in school."

Hey, we're all for focusing on your studies, and that's a great value for Farrah to impress upon her daughter. But what 8-year-old gets distracted from her school work because of dating

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We can think of a few reasons why homeschooling might be better for Sophia than a regular classroom -- being recognized from Teen Mom could be stressful for her, or it could be easier for her to spend more time with her mom while she travels. Her budding career though? Doesn't really make the cut. 

But hey, if it works for Farrah and Sophia, it's all good. We just hope that becoming a mini-celeb is all Sophia's idea, not her mom's. She shouldn't get pushed into that unless it's what she really wants to do.

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