Chelsea DeBoer Blames MTV for Making Her Look Like a Bad Mom

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Oh man, we feel for Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer right now. The Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter to blast MTV this week after the network did a hack job on editing yet again to make Chels look like a less than stellar mother.


Chelsea has been vocal about her reluctance in the past to continue to let MTV cameras into her life, and it looks like this time, she may have had enough. The mom of two called out the network after watching a screener of the show on Monday, and said, "I've tried my hardest to not say my feelings on this season ... But after watching tonight's episode and the numerous times they've turned sweet great moments into s**t, I can't not say anything."

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The 25-year-old claimed that they "stretched" an incident of Aubree, 7, behaving badly "as far as they possibly could." She explained, "They took out every time she was being a turd (aka a regular 7-year-old) and me correcting her ... And turned it into A. Her acting out because of the baby or B. Me ignoring her because of the baby." She even went as far to say that the whole thing is "horse s**t."

She explained that she'd agreed with MTV for the story line to be how she has baby fever already, even though her son Watson (with hubby Cole DeBoer) is only a few months old. She said that they "clipped and cut so damn much" that they took what was a great time, and made it seem like she was being short with her daughter and snapping at her.

"But did not show the 8000000 times she was not listening beforehand," she said. "They of course wanted to make it look like I wanted another baby, but was still overwhelmed and having issues with Aubree."

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Chels ended her rant against MTV by saying that she's "heartbroken" at how her family was portrayed on TV, and upset that Aubree will see the footage someday. "I'm so sick of filming great things and cute things and them trying to dig so deep and create something out of nothing by adding dramatic music," she confessed. "Cole and I made it an absolute #1 priority to always make Aubree feel like she was still everything. And we filmed so much to even show that. All they show [is] frustration and me telling Aubree to not do s**t."

Ugh, we are totally Team Chelsea on this one. All moms are going to get short with their kids from time to time, because kids love to test limits and find out exactly how much they can get away with. It's called parenting. It sucks that MTV is cutting the footage to make it seem like Chels is overwhelmed, and we hope they decide to put her in a more positive light soon.

After all, we're the ones who are going to lose out if she quits and we can't watch her with her adorable little family on the show anymore.

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