Javi Marroquin Is Sure Acting Like He Still Has Feelings for Kailyn Lowry

javi and lincoln

Is it just us, or is whatever happens to be going on with Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry getting more confusing by the day? On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, it even seemed like Javi was getting flirty with Kail, even though their divorce was final and she was pregnant with someone else's baby. What?! 


First of all, wasn't it just last week that he was pissed and leaking Kail's pregnancy news all over the place? It's good to see that they've moved past it enough that they can be at Isaac's events together without an issue, but seeing Javi so happy about spending time with Kail just threw us for a loop. 

Is he honestly interested in Kail, or is he just mourning what could have been? It's pretty clear that getting back together isn't in the cards for these two, on Kailyn's side anyway, because she was obviously annoyed with him. But what is Javi actually thinking?! 

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And is this how he still feels, months later? He's dated other girls, and seems to have moved on, but maybe he hasn't. If the way he behaved on the episode is real, we wouldn't be surprised if he was still hoping they'd end up together someday, and that's a hope he should probably let go of if he doesn't want to get hurt again (and even worse). 

Whatever is going on, we just hope they continue to keep Isaac and Lincoln's best interests at heart. They're the ones who stand to lose the most if Kail and Javi's parenting relationship goes south.

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