'Bachelor in Paradise' Reaches a New Level of Insane Drama With Jasmine's Freak-Out

jasmine bachelor
Bachelor in Paradise has been a total drama roller coaster this season, and Monday night's episode was no different. Are you even believing how Jasmine completely lost it after her boo, Matt, started talking to Christen? We have to admit it -- we're a little scared.


Since Jasmine is best known for saying she'd choke Nick Viall on The Bachelorette, there's a good chance our fears might not be unfounded. Not that she'd ever physically hurt Christen -- although she did threaten her -- but things did get ugly between them, and we don't know why. If she feels like Matt is playing her, shouldn't she just go after Matt and leave Christen out of it? It's not her fault! 

And thanks to that drama, Christen, who's still a newcomer to paradise, spent most of the episode crying and stressing out about the situation. If you ask us, everyone needs to find their chill. You two are fighting over Matt? The penguin guy? The attraction there is so beyond us.

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Since, once again, BIP left us on a cliffhanger and ended before the rose ceremony, we'll have to wait 'til Tuesday night's ep to find out if both women are staying. Who's getting Matt's rose? Well, the jury's still out on that one, because it's way too close to tell.

If it's Christen, though? She should probably prepare herself for the worst. There's no telling what Jasmine has up her sleeve! 

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