Farrah Abraham Shares Her Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery With the World

Farrah Abraham

Every time we turn around, it seems like Farrah Abraham is having another cosmetic procedure, and her latest is a doozy. In case you hadn't heard, Farrah had vaginal rejuvenation therapy, and she's sharing all the details with her fans. 


The Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram to share photos of herself at the clinic in Beverly Hills, including one that was taken while she was having the procedure done.

She also shared a video of her doc explaining the procedure. 


Basically, she uses a device that will break up collagen in her vagina, making it feel like she's 16 down there again. Um ... awkward.

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Of course, Farrah's haters have already taken to the comments en masse, talking about how ridiculous this is. Yeah, it might be ridiculous, but if it'll make Farrah happy and more confident in her body, who are we to judge? We're not into having someone send shock waves into our body, but if this girl is, more power to her.

Plus, this is Farrah. She thrives on hate, so really, these comments are only making her stronger. Congrats on her new, younger vagina. It might not be necessary for her health, but hopefully, Farrah's happy with the results.

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