20 MTV Shows From the '90s & '00s We Wish Would Make a Comeback

Daria MTV show

At one point in time, MTV was life. It kept us entertained after school, boasted series with relatable and petty AF high school drama, and was our go-to "getaway" when we had nothing cool to do on spring break. With recent news that shows like Total Request Live are slated to make a comeback, we got to thinking about once-beloved MTV programs we'd love to see on the air again. 'Cause, honey, why mess with the original when you can just continue the story?

Disclaimer: Since we're moms now, we gotta draw the line somewhere, which means laying to rest Beavis and Butt-Head, Celebrity Deathmatch, and Date My Mom

  • 1.) "The Hills"

    Seeing as more than half the cast are either parents or expecting, we're gonna need a Hills continuation sooner or later. Picture this: LC, Kristin, Heidi, Whitney, and Audrina all coming back for drama ... with their strollers.

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  • 2.) "Daria"

    Cynicism + high school boredom = perfection.

  • 3.) "Punk'd"

    Remember that time Ashton Kutcher punk'd Mila Kunis when he was married to Demi Moore? (The now happily married pair were just friends back then.)

    Punk'd got EVERYBODY -- and almost caused a few altercations.

  • 4.) "Making the Video"

    Back when we actually watched music videos, Making the Video gave us cool behind-the-scenes "did ya know?" tea. Even with Snapchat and Instagram, there's still room in our hearts and space on our DVRs for a revive.

  • 5.) "Singled Out"

    Before Chris Hardwick had us rolling on Talking Dead, he lent his chops as host of MTV's Singled Out, which focused on key essentials to finding love ... like age, facial hair, and a person's butt. You could practically swipe left on a herd of people before narrowing your choices.

  • 6.) "FANatic"

    What would you do if you got a chance to meet your favorite celebrity that didn't include going to jail for stalking? FANatic was your answer.

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  • 7.) "Loveline"

    Dr. Drew was our WebMD for all sexual-related questions. Where else would we get answers to burning questions -- like why the skin is falling off your boyfriend's penis, or what to do when you need to orgasm five times a day (yes, people really asked) -- without leaving an Internet search history?

  • 8.) "The City"

    Well, if we're gonna revive The Hills, we might as well add The City to our list. Don't act like you don't want to see what Olivia Palermo and that hottie Australia guy Whitney once dated are up to.

  • 9.) "Laguna Beach"

    Hilary Duff theme song. Dreamy stares into the ocean. Parents who pay your bills and foot your fun excursions.

    Yup, we'll take it. 

  • 10.) "Room Raiders"

    Yeah, good luck to the bachelors and bachelorettes of the world who raid our rooms to see if we're a good match without stepping on our kids' Lego landmines.

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  • 11.) "Making the Band"

    P.Diddy-Puffy-Puff Daddy(whatever name Sean Combs is using these days!) kept us glued to our televisions with his show Making the Band. While the first group, Da Band, fizzled, the other two (Danity Kane and Day 26) gave us life, aspirations, and albums we still listen to today.

  • 12.) "Jersey Shore"

    "Never judge a book by its blowout."
  • 13.) "Fear"

    Think you could cut it in some creepy AF place for a couple days and live to tell the tale?

  • 14.) "Becoming"

    Adulting is hard -- so why not let MTV pamper and dress you up like your favorite star so you can reenact one of their music videos? We need the break!

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  • 15.) "Diary"

    "You think you know ... but you have no idea."
  • 16.) "The Grind"

    Who the heck watches a 30-minute TV show focused on people dancing to music?

    Cool kids, that's who. 

  • 17.) "Road Rules"

    Instead of putting six strangers in an RV with no money, why not reboot Road Rules to focus on a handful of moms with no kids and no responsibilities tasked with surviving planned adventures -- like completing a Pinterest project without f*cking it up?

  • 18.) "DanceLife"

    How the heck is JLo going to executive produce this So You Think You Can Dance–meetsThe Real World reality show and only give us one season? Did Angel and Ashley make it? Was Jersey able to pay her bills?

    We need answers!

  • 19.) "House of Style"

    Since today's fashions are basically just our old throwbacks, why not have Cindy Crawford or Rebecca Romijn explain these "new" trends?

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  • 20.) "Say What? Karaoke"

    What's a person to do when you need chops to actually make it on American Idol, and Lip Sync Battle is just for celebs?

    At least with Say What? Karaoke, we can compete with the average voices of the world -- while keeping our self-esteem intact -- and can save money on buying a karaoke machine for our next party, thanks to the subtitled lyrics.

    A win-win if you ask us!

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