Maci Bookout Reportedly Gives Her Two Cents on Ryan Edwards's Cheating

maci and bentley

It seems like every day brings more allegations that Ryan Edwards is using Tinder to cheat on his new wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and now we have a bit of insight into what his ex might be thinking. A new report claims that Maci Bookout isn't surprised that Ryan cheated, because after all, if anyone should know how Ryan is in relationships, it's Maci.


A source close to the Teen Mom OG star talked to Hollywood Life about the situation, and if the report is true, it seems absolutely nothing Ryan does fazes her anymore.

The source told the site: 

"Maci wasn't surprised at all about the allegations that Ryan was sexting some chick on Tinder. She can't help thinking that a leopard never changes its spots, and once a cheater always a cheater."  

That's probably a pretty safe assumption, if it's true. Besides, Ryan and Mackenzie weren't together all that long before their rushed wedding took place, and soon after, he checked into rehab to deal with his addiction. It's been a roller coaster from start to finish -- not exactly the most solid foundation to build a marriage on. 

And speaking of rehab, Maci apparently also thinks that this could mean bad things for Ryan's recovery. 

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The source added: 

"Maci had reservations about Ryan being able to stay sober, and this latest scandal just reinforces her belief that he's not to be trusted. Maci couldn't care less about Mackenzie and her feelings. She is super worried about Ryan being around their son right now."

We can't blame Maci if she's concerned about Bentley. We sincerely hope Ryan is staying sober, and that things will move into a more positive direction for everyone involved.

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