Fans Freak Out After Leah Messer Jokes About Engagement Ring on Instagram

leah messer and daughter addie

She's definitely had her share of romantic drama, but it seems like Leah Messer has been loving life as a single lady ... or has she? Earlier this week, Leah posted an engagement photo, which has fans' heads spinning.


The photo itself is just about as innocent as they come. The Teen Mom 2 star is cuddled up to a mystery man, who happens to be wearing an engagement ring, and her caption jokes, "Got my boo a [ring emoji]." 

leah messer instagram

Not surprisingly, fans immediately freaked out at the photo, even though there was no reason to. Because a little bit of investigating leads you to the guy's page, and from there, it's easy to see he's Leah's friend Brian, who happens to work at the cheer gym Leah brings her daughters to,  and who also happens to be gay.

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Suffice it to say that Leah is not engaged to this dude, despite what some of her fans might think in the comments on the post. False alarm, y'all -- looks like this mama is still flying solo. 

Whatever really has been happening in Leah's love life has been totally private. Since rumors died out that she was dating TR Dues, we haven't heard a peep about who Leah might be seeing these days, so there's a good chance the answer is "no one," or that she's gotten really, really good at hiding her relationships.

This girl has enough going on in her life without adding a man into the mix. But when she does? We'll just have to trust her to fill us in. 

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