Wells Adams & Danielle Maltby Are Already Giving Us #CoupleGoals

wells adams and danielle maltby

We were so excited when we found out Wells Adams and Danielle Maltby had history together, because they'd make the most adorable couple. And after their big smooch when Danielle left Bachelor in Paradise for a job in Kenya, we couldn't help rooting for them even more. So are Danielle and Wells dating or not?


According to what a source close to the potential couple tells E! News, their friends are rooting for them just as hard as the rest of us are -- even though it doesn't seem like they're official yet. 

"Everyone wants them to be together and thinks they would be the cutest couple," the source said. "They are just friends at this point, but we all got so excited when we heard about the kiss. I think they will end up together eventually." 

And as E! also pointed out, Carly Waddell shared this photo on Instagram that has people talking, since she used the caption to talk about how much she loves love...


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Considering how truly adorable that final scene they shared was, it would be crazy for them not to give their relationship a try. Danielle is back from Kenya, Wells is back from paradise ... the timing is perfect. What are they waiting for?! 

Guess we'll have to wait 'til Wells and Danielle decide to fill us in on what's going on. Guys, please get married and have 10 precious, sweet little babies. Please! 

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