Chris Lopez Has Reportedly Bailed on Kailyn Lowry & Baby Lo

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Before Baby Lo was born earlier this month, we weren't sure if Chris Lopez would be a huge part of his life ... until he showed up at the hospital to be there for Kailyn Lowry when she gave birth. Unfortunately, though, it seems like there's a chance everything has changed. Reportedly, Chris has bailed on Kail and Baby Lo. What?! 


According to what a friend of the Teen Mom 2 mama told Hollywood Life, Chris isn't there for the baby like Kailyn thought he'd be after he showed up to the hospital to be there when the baby was born ... and it's really not looking good for the future. 

The source told the site: 

"Kail's relationship with Chris has been like a rollercoaster -- full of ups and downs and unexpected turns. After he showed up for the delivery and drove them home from the hospital, Kailyn thought there was going to be a good chance he would actually be in his son's life. He even made the effort to visit a few times, with gifts for the baby. But just as Kailyn started believing that Chris may actually be committed to being a dad, he bails." 

Oh no! That sounds like a miserable thing to deal with when you're juggling life with a newborn (and two kids!) as a single mom. 

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We're not convinced this story is true, though. Just recently, Chris was on Twitter, talking about how much he loves hanging out with his son, so if he's not lying, we'd take that to mean that he has no plans of bailing -- and hasn't so far.

Even so, the source added: 

"It's one thing if he dips in and out of her life, but it's not OK to do that to a child. Right now, she's one step away from cutting Chris out of her life completely, as she can't help but think having no father is better than having one who constantly upsets, hurts, and bails on his child."

We hope everything works out for these two ... for Baby Lo's sake, anyway. 

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