Amber Portwood Just Took a Major Step With the New Man in Her Life

Amber Portwood

Things seem to be getting pretty serious, really quickly. Amber Portwood just took a huge step with her new man by introducing him to her daughter Leah.


The Teen Mom OG star just recently stepped out with her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon, getting caught on camera in a major smooch-fest. She also posted a seductive photo of him with a rose in bed, and told her social media followers that he's "perfect" for her.

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Ambs must feel really good about this one, because it looks like she's already introduced 8-year-old Leah to him. Glennon, who works as a producer in Los Angeles, has been hanging out with Amber in her hometown of Indianapolis. He recently posted a picture from a car show earlier this week, and that is clearly Leah in the background.

Andrew Glennon, Amber Portwood Daughter

Amber and Andrew met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp a few months ago, when she was with ex-fiancé Matt Baier. Matt may have recently accused her of cheating on him, but according to insiders, she insists that nothing happened until filming was over and she and Matt were firmly broken up.

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Earlier this month, Amber insisted that she had introduced Leah to Andrew yet, and that Matt was the only man she'd ever brought into her daughter's life. It looks like things have changed, and fast!

We wish Amber and Leah nothing but the best, and really hope she found a good one this time. The last thing she needs in her life is another hanger-on like Matt.

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