Farrah Abraham's Parenting Skills Called into Question Yet Again

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is probably the most controversial member of the Teen Mom cast, and that means she has the most haters. And now, fans are slut-shaming Farrah for something she did over the weekend -- and it's totally unfair. Should we even be surprised? 


As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, last week, Farrah shared a video from her recent visit to a strip club. The video is a bit graphic, with a lot of booty shaking and partial nudity, but it's pretty clear Farrah wasn't there to strip -- just to party. 

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Even so, her haters have shown up in full force in the comments on the video. Some of them are just shaming her for the kind of example she's setting for Sophia, while others are calling her a troll and they're pissed that she's going to a strip club at all. 

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This is out of control. First of all, Farrah wasn't there with Sophia, and she wasn't even taking part in the stripping. But even if she had stripped? It's not really anyone else's place to judge her. After all, she's made it pretty darn clear she doesn't care what everyone else thinks.

As much fun as it is to hate on Farrah, this time, it's a bit unnecessary. If she shows up at the club with her kid? Then we'll talk. But for now, we can let this one go. 

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