Javi Marroquin Puts Kailyn Lowry on Blast After Naked Photo Accusations

kailyn lowry and javi marroquin
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Yikes. Don't mess with Javi Marroquin. After Kailyn Lowry blasted her ex-husband on Teen Mom 2 this week for being involved in a naked photo scandal, Javi came back swinging. In a heated Instagram post, Javi claims the naked man in the photo is not him -- for various reasons. So everyone needs to back off the J-man, mkay?


When the photo, which features a man lying on a bed with his legs and penis showing, was first released, Javi spoke to Radar and said the picture wasn't of him. "No it's not me. Someone [reverse] image searched it and it's not me. It's not me so I'm not worried about it," he commented. 

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But after Kailyn spoke about the photo during Teen Mom 2, Javi got all fired up again. The father of one took to Instagram to say his piece, maintaining again and again that it's not him in the pic. In the lengthy post, Javi wrote:

"This is the only comment I'm going to give on tonight's episode because I've realized I can't change the opinion on every single one of you. So issue #1 the cast mate saying I leaked Kailyn's pregnancy...waste of caption space so I'll save my breaths. Issue #2 a while back a picture had surfaced someone sent kail trying to say it was me and all this other nonsense. Kail approached me and I told her it wasn't me (dude was wearing white ankle socks at that) Whether she believes me or not, I cannot control. I watched tonight's episode and I'm upset she brought up that picture saying it was me when I had already told her it wasn't. Part of being on this show is opening our lives to you guys and taking in all the love (which is appreciated) and all the hate at the same time. Reliving moments we've moved on from. I texted kail and luckily we are in a good place now where we can talk about things instead of arguing. Just had to clear my name don't like when my character is questioned. On that note... TUNE IN FOR A BRAND NEW EPISODE OF TEEN MOM 2 TONIGHT"

For the record, people claim that they have seen Javi in white ankle socks and that the shirt in the photo was one he's been spotted wearing. But of course, like he said, someone may have just Google image searched him. 

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Kailyn ripped Javi during Teen Mom, saying, "How about I air out all of his dirty laundry? I could literally show videos of Javi doing things that he shouldn't be doing. I could show naked pictures of him having s** with someone else while he was overseas, but I won't. I kept my mouth shut."


It's doubtful that Javi and Kailyn will ever get along all of the time, so for now, let's just all enjoy the fact that they're getting along right now (according to Javi, at least). With a new baby at home, the last thing Kailyn needs is to be fighting with one of her baby daddies. 

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