Matt Baier's Latest Allegations Against Amber Portwood Are Pretty Unbelievable

matt and amber

If you thought the constant feud between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier would end just because they're broken up now, think again. Now, Matt is accusing Amber of cheating on him ... but does it even matter at this point?


While talking to Radar Online, a close friend of Matt's revealed that now that Matt's seen Amber with her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, he thinks their relationship began before his with Amber ended ... because as it turns out, Andrew and Amber met on the set of Marriage Boot Camp, which Amber and Matt filmed together.

"Matt knew she had a new guy but didn't know it was Andrew," the friend told Radar. "Now he is furious and suspects her of cheating on him."

Sigh. Just because Amber met the guy while she and Matt were still together doesn't mean she was cheating ... and if she was, move on, dude. That relationship was never going to work.

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And as sources close to Amber told Radar, Amber's sticking to the story that she never cheated and thinks Matt's making this all up because he's jealous. Knowing Matt, it wouldn't surprise us at all if that theory were true.

Now, we just sit back and wait for the social media fireworks, because with these two, you know they're going to happen. 

And in the meantime, maybe Matt can chill out a bit. After the way he came off on Teen Mom OG, he's probably got enough on his plate worrying about his own public image.

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