Mackenzie Standifer Confronts Ryan Edwards's 'Other Woman'

ryan edwards mackenzie standifer

Even though it seemed like they were doing much better after Ryan Edwards's stint in rehab, there's definitely trouble brewing between him and his new wife, Mackenzie Standifer. Reportedly, Mackenzie's getting involved in Ryan's cheating scandal herself. 


Last week, reports surfaced claiming that Ryan is already cheating on Mackenzie by using Tinder ... just months after they quietly tied the knot back in May. And if that wasn't bad enough, now, it sounds like Mackenzie is trying to take matters into her own hands.

According to text messages obtained by Radar Online, Mackenzie has been texting one of the women that Ryan matched with on Tinder, telling her to leave her husband alone. Of course, it's impossible to tell if the texts are real or not, but Radar says they can confirm the number in the texts is Mackenzie's.

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Supposedly, Mackenzie texted the girl when she didn't answer her phone call, saying, "Please stop playing dumb. I know everything." And then when the girl refused to dish out the details on her affair with Ryan, Mackenzie told her, "Guess we will have to do this the hard way." 

We have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but it looks like things are about to get ugly.

As if Mackenzie and Ryan hadn't been through enough this year. Hopefully, whatever's going on will end, ASAP. 

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