Catelynn & Tyler Baliterra Share Sweet Details About Their Visit With Carly

catelynn and tyler

After waiting for what seemed like forever to see the daughter they placed for adoption at birth, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra finally got to reunite with Carly last week, for the first time in two years. And now that they're sharing details of the time they spent with her, we're even happier for them. 


Early last week, the couple made the happy announcement that they'd get to see Carly on August 18, and it sounds like it was everything they dreamed of. They got to bring their daughter Nova with them so that she could see her biological sister, and Catelynn quickly turned to social media to share the details afterwards.

Here's what she tweeted about their day: 


Tyler added: 


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Of course, Carly's parents, Brandon and Teresa, have a strict no-photos policy when it comes to social media, so we seriously doubt that the MTV cameras were there to film their meeting. But we're so happy for these two that we're not even too bummed we don't get to see it! 

Hopefully, this is a sign that there will be more visits to come for Cate and Tyler. We know how much they've missed Carly! 

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