Relive Your Youth with 12 Favorites Streaming Exclusively on Hulu
You’ll love to show your kids the movies and TV you loved, and Hulu has modern takes on your favorite characters too.

Have you noticed how a lot of the characters and shows your kids are into are reboots of the same stuff from when you were a kid? My son was shocked—shocked!—that I knew the names of every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle as well as their origin story, but what he doesn’t know is that I was only a few years older than he is now when the heroes on a half shell first hit the scene.


Hulu is packed with movies and TV shows from the ’80s and ’90s that are fun to show your kids. They’ll probably have questions like why the telephone is attached to the wall with a long curly tail, but the great stories and themes in this are timeless. Plus, Hulu has modern reboots starring the same classic characters that the whole family will love to watch together.

Inspector Gadget
The adventures of crime-solving Penny and her bumbling Uncle Gadget have been rebooted, but Hulu has the original run—all 86 episodes in which you never see Dr. Claw’s face and he always vows to get Gadget…next time. Bonus points for how prescient Penny’s “computer book” turned out to be.

The Karate Kid
Wax on, wax off, paint the fence, sand the floor: Watch The Karate Kid with your kids and maybe you’ll get some new ideas for chores they can do in the name of martial arts training. Hulu also has the sequel The Karate Kid Part II, set in Okinawa, as well as The Karate Kid Part III, Daniel’s last adventure with Mr. Miyagi.

Nine seasons of Tommy, Chuckie, Susie, and Angelica should keep you busier than a pack of toddlers. It’s fun watching them again as a parent—you and your kids will burst out laughing at completely different things.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
If your kids know the half-shell heroes from their Nickelodeon cartoon, you’re in luck, because Hulu has four seasons of that totally awesome show. But it also has the original movie trilogy from the early ’90s too. Kids might find the movies a little slow, but they’re more family-friendly than the Megan Fox vehicles of this decade.

Curious George
The curious little monkey from the beloved series of books comes alive in nine seasons of his cartoon show available on Hulu. Each episode contains two stories, it’s appropriate for even little kids, and the charming narration and rousing Dr. John theme song keep parents happy too.

The Powerpuff Girls
Fans of Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup are in for a treat: Hulu has the entire original series (six seasons!) as well as the first season (39 episodes!) of the 2016 reboot. Both feature the superhero trio battling monsters and the perils of growing up, with a little bit of lowbrow humor but lots of fun—and plenty of pop culture references for parents to snicker at too.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
This classic Disney movie stars Rick Moranis as an inventor whose shrink ray finally works at the worst possible time, shrinking his son and daughter and the neighbor kids as well. The outfits and haircuts are totally ’80s but the homemade-looking special effects actually maintain their charm.

The Muppets Take Manhattan
Two Muppet films from the ’90s (Muppet Treasure Island and Muppets From Space) are also on Hulu, but you can’t go wrong with the 1984 classic The Muppets Take Manhattan,

Brady Bunch
Is any sitcom more classic than The Brady Bunch? Your kids’ eyes will bug out at just how retro the clothing and sets are—dig that groovy Astroturf in the backyard! But when Mike Brady sums up the episode’s lesson on responsibility and growing up, your kids just might learn something too.

Doogie Howser, MD
Oh Doogie, the nerdy teenage doctor and one of my first celebrity crushes growing up. Doogie Howser, MD, is the story of how this 16-year-old surgeon earns the respect of his colleagues while also trying to navigate the social and dating world of a typical teenager. This is better suited to tweens and teens than young kids.

Mr. Ed
Hulu has a few classic sitcoms from the ‘60s that you may have watched in reruns as a kid, and showing them to your kids on Hulu is a gas—if they can handle seeing them in black and white. Dennis the Menace and The Addams Family are fun for kids of all ages, but my heart belongs to that talking horse Mr. Ed and his hapless human sidekick, Wilmer.

Garfield and Friends
Your kids might not be familiar with the Garfield comic strip, but the fat orange cat and his long-suffering canine companion Odie will definitely make them laugh. Hulu has eight seasons of the show, and each episode features one story with Garfield and his crew, and another adventure starring the U.S. Acres gang of Orson Pig, Wade Duck, and friends.

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