Stay Up Late! Top 10 Shows on Hulu to Watch as a Family
Long summer nights can turn into quality family time with these streaming shows on Hulu.

By the end of a hot summer day, everyone in the house probably needs to unwind. And bedtime what bedtime—no one has school tomorrow. Why not pop some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch for a family-friendly show?


Hulu has so much to dive into no matter what the season, so you can catch up on hit sitcoms like Modern Family before new episodes start up, or find a new favorite the whole family can get into. These are our picks for shows to stream on Hulu before summer slips away.

American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior has everything: Men and women from all walks of life overcome their personal struggles to compete in an obstacle course packed with hair-raising physical challenges and plenty of thrills and spills. As the season progresses, your favorite ninja warriors take on bigger and better obstacles until one is named the tournament winner.

Adventure Time
A cartoon aimed at kids and adults alike, Adventure Time stars a boy named Finn and his faithful sidekick, a talking dog named Jake who has magic powers. They adventure through the Land of Ooo, a mystical fantasy world. Even better, there are spinoff comic books your kids could read once they fall in love with the characters and stories.

This sitcom is a huge hit and it’s easy to see why, with wonderful actors and funny writing that tackles racial topics with humor and empathy. It’s about a Black family in an affluent suburb in Los Angeles, and how the children identify more with their wealthy classmates than the kids who grow up in their father’s old “hood.” The comedic situations give families a starting point to discuss race and diversity, but the show doesn’t come off as heavy or too adult.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
This game show is a no-brainer if any of your children is an actual fifth-grader! But even if not, the quiz throws questions from real schoolbooks at the adult contestant, and kids will howl with laughter when the adults are thoroughly stumped. A team of real fifth-graders is even on hand to help the grown-up with her three chances to “cheat.”

Steven Universe
In this cartoon, Steven is half human, and half magical Gem—the Gems are a group of magical warriors who protect the world from monsters. Steven is basically their annoying little brother, but the Gems try to help him learn to use his powers, and mentor him as he evolves. Steven Universe mixes comedy and drama with tons of style—its creator is an alum of Adventure Time.

Boy Band
The musical competition show Boy Band will tug at the heartstrings of the whole family—the contestants are just so passionate about singing and making it into this boy band. But parents will have an extra dose of nostalgia because the judges are former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, and the legendary Timbaland. Plus, since the finalists really will become a musical group, this could be your sneak peek at the next big thing.

Kids Baking Championship
My family adores all of the kids’ cooking shows—Master Chef Junior never fails to make me tear up—and Kids Baking Championship might be the most delicious entree to the genre. The adorable kid bakers are as excited as they are talented, and your own children will be impressed to see kids their age creating eye-popping desserts. Maybe they’ll even be inspired to head into the kitchen and give the stand mixer a whirl.

Fresh Off the Boat
This family sitcom is based off restauranteur Eddie Huang’s memoir—in the show, Eddie is an 11-year-old Chinese-American kid who loves hip-hop and has trouble fitting in at school. His family has just relocated from Washington, D.C., to Orlando, where his dad has opened a cowboy-themed steakhouse and brought his wife, mother, and three boys along for the ride. Some language will be inappropriate for little kids, but the show’s sweetness and charm make it great for family viewing.

The Toy Box
Some kids like Shark Tank for its silly inventions and dramatic tension, but what if the sharks were kids and every product was a toy? Bingo. Kids will get a glimpse at how toys are marketed and sold, but just keep in mind that the toy that wins the season actually gets made and sold—and it could pop up on your kids’ holidays lists.

America’s Got Talent
Hulu has plenty of these shows (So You Think You Can Dance is fun too), but America’s Got Talent is extra fun to watch with the family because it features so many pint-sized performers. The different talents—from singing to dancing to magic acts—keep things interesting, and judges are sweet and encouraging. Yes, even Simon Cowell.



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