Ryan Edwards Is Reportedly Using Tinder to Cheat on Mackenzie Standifer

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer

We thought things were on the up and up for Ryan Edwards lately, as he just completed a month-long stint in rehab earlier this summer after marrying girlfriend Mackenzie Standifer. But it looks like Ry may not be able to put his playboy ways aside, and may have been caught red-handed using the dating app Tinder.


According to Radar Online, Maci Bookout's ex has been playing around on Tinder -- after his May wedding with Mackenzie Standifer. Fans became super worried after watching Ry drive high to the wedding ceremony on Teen Mom OG, and he even responded while the episode aired that he had just returned from 30 days in rehab after the scene was filmed.

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Mackenzie has stood by Ryan's side this entire time, so we were a little shocked to hear that he may have been looking to cheat on her with Tinder. Radar shared his profile, which included a picture of him in profile, and listed his age as 25 (he's actually 29).

The site also had screenshots of the supposed conversation between Ry and another woman, in which he asked if she was "down to f***." Bentley's dad has never really been much of a stand-up guy, but would he really do something like that after not only getting married, but going to rehab to break his prescription drug addiction?

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When Radar caught up to Ryan and asked him about it, all he said was, "I'm married! Get [the] f*** out of here with that dumb s***."

Just because we're determined to believe that Ryan really is recovering from drug addiction and is genuinely trying to become a better person, we're going to take this report with a fair amount of skepticism. After all, couldn't someone have used his picture and pretended to be him? It's not outside of the realm of possibilities.

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