Farrah Abraham's Mom Releases New Rap Song & We Can't Even

Debra Danielsen

We can't even. Debz OG just dropped another rap track, and well ... it's bad, y'all. But in a weird way, we have to give Debra Danielsen credit for putting it all out there.


The Teen Mom OG grandma just released a new single titled "22x" (22 Times) featuring Money Car$in. Farrah Abraham's mom told Starcasm that the song is about "My experience as a wife being victim to infidelity by Michael."

More from CafeMom:

Unfortunately for those chomping at the bit for a music video -- you're going to have to wait a few months for that. Danielsen told the site, "We will shoot the video in early November, prior to my wedding."

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We're not sure how much Debz OG will be featured in the video, since the majority of the track's vocals are from Money Car$in, but the bit at the end with the un-rhyming freestyle? All Sophia's grandmother. Remember that she's getting real about the times her ex-husband cheated on her.

The folks over at Starcasm worked out the lyrics for us, and well ... just take a look.

You are an emotional arsonist
It began with you
It just [broke?]
And now the fire's huge
You have a responsibility to help
Make love heal
Years lost
Time ticking
Does it ever end?

Don't forget you can always check out Debra's video from last year if you need more "grandma gangster" in your life.

You do you, Deb. 

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