'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Throws Corinne Olympios Under the Bus After Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Corinne Olympios bachelor in paradise
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Whoa, we didn't see this one coming. On Tuesday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the cast was reassembled back in Mexico after filming was shut down for nearly two weeks for an alleged incident of misconduct. One thing was pretty clear -- they were all Team DeMario.


Filming on the show shut down in June after it was reported that Corinne may not have been able to consent to oral sex in the hot tub or pool with DeMario. She called herself a "victim" to the media, while DeMario decried that his character had been "assassinated."

After nearly two weeks of investigation, Warner Bros. determined that no sexual misconduct had occurred, and everyone was invited back to the set in Puerto Vallarta. Before they tried to pick up where they left off, however, Chris Harrison sat them all down for a little powwow.

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They all agreed that it wasn't fair that Corrine was slut-shamed in the media, and that a double standard for men and women does happen. They also agreed that alcohol played a big factor in what happened, and that Corinne was totally with it enough to give consent.

Taylor Nolan even said that everyone there is responsible for how much they drink, that they are never encouraged to drink by the crew, and that drinks aren't placed in their hands unless they specifically ask for them. She also admitted that she doesn't drink herself, and has never had even one alcoholic beverage on the set of The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris asked them if they thought race had something to do with the accusations leveled at DeMario, and they all agreed that sadly, it did. Raven Gates mentioned that she was particularly aware of it, coming from the South, where she's experienced some people's unease over seeing interracial couples. 

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"We have a stigma that we're seeing a white woman with a black man is wrong," Raven explained. "And that night, what happened wasn't wrong. And so I was super empathetic with DeMario because it's just another issue. Not only is consent important, but it's also to get rid of the stigma that interracial couples can't be, or blaming African-American men for crimes they didn't commit."

That's pretty huge, considering that before everything went down, Raven told the cameras she didn't trust DeMario at all. At least she trusted that he kept his hands to himself where they weren't invited. 

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