Chelsea DeBoer Admits the Sad Truth About Adam Lind's Drug Use

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer has had more than her share of baby daddy drama with Adam Lind, and it doesn't look like it's going to go away anytime soon. Chels recently opened up about Adam's drug use, and how it scares her when it comes to their daughter Aubree.


On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea dealt with learning that her ex had tested positive for meth. Adam already had supervised visitation only with 7-year-old Aubree, but it's still a major cause for concern for the mom of two.

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Chelsea talked to MTV producer Mandi about her struggle with Adam seeing Aubs at all. She confessed, "Yeah, it's very serious -- and it is scary. If I had my choice, I don't want her in the house because he's doing drugs. Obviously, he's probably doing them at his house, you know? I mean, hopefully, his parents were doing their supervision ... so that she didn't see much."

Ugh, it's heartbreaking that she even has to worry about her daughter witnessing her dad's drug use. Chels said that she'd "heard about it for a long time," but that she still had trouble picturing it.

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She explained that drug use was not a part of Adam's life when they were together. "He was not on drugs when I was with him or knew him," she shared. "But that's the thing is I can't picture it -- it's just crazy to think that this person is doing that. It makes me sad for Aubree. The last thing you want to give your child is a drug-addicted father."

While we never stop hoping that Adam decides to step up to the plate and be a decent father to Aubree, it makes us that much happier for Chels that she found Cole DeBoer. At least her daughter has one positive father figure in her life.

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