Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Baby Lo's Dramatic Entrance into the World

Kailyn Lowry
Jen Lowery/Splash News

It sounds like Baby Lo had quite the dramatic entrance into the world! After Kailyn Lowry's difficult and scary pregnancy, she finally gave birth to her third son -- without an epidural or even a doctor in sight.


The Teen Mom 2 star told Radar Online that she was terrified throughout her high-risk pregnancy that she would lose the baby. "That's why I was hesitant to announce it in the first place," the mom of three explained. "Even at 17 weeks when I announced it live I was like, could I even miscarry now?"

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Thankfully she got some reassurance from her doctor. Kail shared, "There were always fears in the back of my mind, but my doctor felt pretty confident about this one. There are a bunch of reasons as to why it was high-risk. I don't want to go too much in-depth about it."

It seems as though her doctor didn't even make it to the delivery though, thanks to Baby Lo's speedy entrance to the world. "I begged for an epidural, but there was no time," she explained. "My doctor didn't even make it to delivery."

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One person who was there was baby daddy Chris Lopez. There were concerns throughout the pregnancy at what his level of involvement would be, but it looks like he's at least starting out right in his son's life. Kail said, "I was always hoping he would come, but just based on how our relationship has been there was always a question whether he would have his phone on him or would he be at work. I'm so glad that he came."

We're glad too, Kail! And we're thrilled that Baby Lo is finally here, happy and healthy.

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