Javi Marroquin Throws in His Two Cents on Kailyn Lowry's New Baby

javi marroquin

Now that they're divorced, it's been pretty obvious Javi Marroquin has felt a little weird about Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy -- especially after we saw him talk about finding out about it on Teen Mom 2. Now that the baby is here, Javi is opening up about his feelings, and it sounds like his focus is totally on Lincoln. 


In an interview with In Touch, Javi revealed that he's been thinking of Kail's baby strictly as Lincoln's little brother, and he's been doing his best to prepare him not to be the youngest kiddo anymore. 

Javi said: 

"Lincoln knows he has a new baby brother. Like all kids, they are excited to have a new sibling. I have to remember now I have to say 'brothers' now instead of just Isaac ... Whatever issues Kail and I had cannot impact Linc's relationship with his new brother. So I do make him excited about it."

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It can't be easy for Javi to see Kail raising a baby with someone else, but it sounds like he's doing his best -- and he's doing all the right things as Lincoln's dad. From the photos Kail has shared so far, it seems like Lincoln and Isaac really love the new baby in the family, so it seems Javi's efforts to get him pumped have worked.

Considering what a mess his divorce with Kail was, we were worried things would go the opposite way. We're so glad it all seems way less dramatic than we anticipated. We can't even imagine what dealing with this situation has to be like for them.

Lincoln is going to be a great big bro, and Javi will have a lot to do with that.

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