Kailyn Lowry's Personal Life Just Keeps Getting More Complicated

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We can't imagine leading lives as hectic as the ladies of Teen Mom 2 do sometimes, so we're totally amazed every time they manage to successfully juggle the demands of parenthood and their personal and professional lives and make it look so easy. But behind the scenes? It's definitely more difficult than it looks. On Monday's new episode, Kailyn Lowry deals with drama in her love life and at school, and she's not the only one. 


We really felt for Kail when she was catching up on her schoolwork after falling behind. Who could possibly keep up with school while dealing with a divorce and an unexpected pregnancy, plus raise two kids as a single mom all at once?! 

Then there's her baby daddy Chris Lopez. He hasn't been on Teen Mom 2 (yet), so it was crazy that Kail took a call from him on camera! It has to suck, being so confused about where your relationship -- or lack thereof -- is heading while you're, you know, creating new life. But so far, this girl is rockin' it. Then again, was there ever any question? 

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Chelsea is still dealing with Adam drama, but that's not shocking. We're glad that she can use Taylor Halbur as a resource -- and that they can trade war stories together. On the other hand, we're a little nervous that Adam could be using drugs around Aubree and Paislee. Those sweet little girls do not deserve that.

Meanwhile, we loved gushing over Cole being daddy to Watson, but what else is new?

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Then there's Briana, who was still on the fence about keeping baby Stella. We know now that she did decide to keep her, but it still stresses us out to see her have to deal with so much on her own. Luis just doesn't get it, does he? He can't cheat on her and then expect her to welcome him back with open arms! 

But after Briana heard the adoption agency out, it seems like the ball is most definitely in her court now. It's hard to tell where her mind is at, but who could blame her if she decided against raising a baby with a guy who may not be around to help? 

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And just like Kail was struggling with college, Leah is going through the same thing. We get why she wants to take online classes instead, but we really hope it doesn't lead to her dropping out altogether. School seems so important to her, and she shouldn't let that go!

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And as for Jenelle? Way less drama this season, which has to be a sign this gal's growing up at last. She seemed to be on overload with Ensley and not having any time to herself though.

Fingers crossed next week's ep includes a lot more happy moments. These moms are all stressing out so much.

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