Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Chris Lopez's Involvement in Their Baby's Life


Kailyn Lowry has finally welcomed her third baby into the world, but her baby daddy still remains a huge question mark. Will Chris Lopez be involved with his son or not? Now, Kail's finally sharing what their custody plans are. 


While talking to Radar Online this week after the birth of Baby Lo (who still remains nameless!), the Teen Mom 2 star spilled the details. The good news? Contrary to what we thought before, it does sound like Chris will definitely be involved in the baby's life. The bad news? Nothing has been ironed out quite yet ... although it's not that surprising, since the baby's just a few days old.

"[Chris] has school and work," Kail explained. "I'm able to be home right now so I'll have the baby most of the time. I told him he could come see the baby whenever he wants." 

And according to Kail, child support hasn't even been discussed yet. We wonder if that'll change? 

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She also added that she's pretty happy that Chris showed up for the baby's birth, and that he is the one listed on Baby Lo's birth certificate, not Javi Marroquin, as fans worried earlier in her pregnancy. 

She added: 

"I was always hoping he would come. Just based on how our relationship has been there was always a question whether he would have his phone on him or would he be at work. I'm so glad that he came."

Now, all we need to know is the name ... and to see more photos, of course. Are we going to call him Baby Lo forever?! 

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