Ali Fedotowsky Breastfed in Her Wedding Dress Like a Total Mom Boss

Ali Fedotowsky

So gorgeous. Ali Fedowtowsky just shared the most stunning wedding photo of her and her daughter Molly, and we seriously can't stop staring. It's a behind-the-scenes photo from just moments after the ceremony, and Ali is breastfeeding baby Molly in her wedding dress.


The former Bachelorette star recently made the difficult decision to wean her daughter off breastfeeding, and shared her struggle with it on Instagram and her blog. She outlined her process on her website, and posted this photo from her wedding last March.

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She wrote, "This will always be one of my absolute favorite photos of me and my daughter @MollyManno - taken just minutes after @KevinManno and I exchanged vows. It's so special to me because my brand new husband captured such a raw moment of me in my wedding dress, feeding my daughter ... this month seems like perfect timing to share this since it's breastfeeding awareness month and hopefully this brings some awareness to this very special bond between mother and daughter."

Ali Fedotowsky

Ali opened up on her blog about her struggle with weaning. As Molly got closer and closer to one year, her supply started to drop, which then made her baby want to nurse less. She was pumping like a fiend, but unable to get as much milk as she had been able to when Molly was a tiny baby. Finally, she started mixing breast milk with cashew milk in a bottle just before her daughter's first birthday, before completely transitioning her.

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She wrote, "I am so proud of myself for making it as long as I did. It's crazy to me that I even feel the need to defend stopping at one year because I think making it to one year is such a huge accomplishment! But at the same time I can't help but feel guilty. Isn't mom guilt the craziest thing? We put so much pressure on ourselves to be super moms and do everything perfectly. No one is perfect! I have to remind myself of that and be proud of all of accomplished in my first year of motherhood."

It's so true! Ali should feel like a total mom boss for making it to a year breastfeeding her precious little one. It's insane for her to feel any guilt at all. Molly is one lucky kiddo.

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