Looks Like Amber Portwood Has a New Man in Her Life


We never thought Amber Portwood would be able to escape Matt Baier's clutches, but it looks like she's already moving on. Amber was spotted kissing a mystery man, and it definitely seems like Matt is officially in the past. 


In a video shared by Radar Online, Amber is outside talking to a couple of guys, and then she starts getting pretty cozy with one of them. There's cuddling, there's kissing, and there's no way these two aren't romantically involved. And best of all? He's definitely not Matt. 

The only bad thing about this? We have no idea who this guy is. His face is pretty well hidden in the video, which isn't exactly the best quality. All we know about him is that he's tall and likes wearing cowboy hats, which tells us exactly zero about who he is. 

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Radar added that this video was taken on Monday at a marina in Indianapolis, and their sources confirmed that MTV has been filming her lately. So even though we don't know who this guy is now, when Teen Mom OG comes back, we might just be introduced to him. Hmm... 

But let's be real. This is Amber we're talking about. Knowing her Instagram addiction, we have a feeling this guy will start showing up in her pics soon if they get serious. Come on, girl, share the deets! We've been waiting for her to be with anyone but Matt for ages!

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