Amanda Stanton Opens Up About Her Relationship With Robby Hayes

amanda stanton

Bachelor in Paradise hasn't even premiered yet, and we already know who one of the endgame couples is going to be. It looks like Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton leave Mexico totally in love -- and they're still together today. Amanda opened up about her relationship with Robby, and it sounds like things are getting serious. 


While joining the Morning Breath podcast on Thursday, Amanda dropped a few details about her new romance. Although she didn't say whether or not she and Robby are engaged after BIP, she did mention that she hasn't introduced him to her daughters yet. Maybe she learned her lesson after her kiddos got so attached to Josh Murray? 

And speaking of Josh Murray, Amanda also mentioned that her ex made her a bit hesitant to try to find love on BIP again. She said: 

"When I first got back, I was on the stairs and I was like, 'What am I doing here?' I, like, totally regretted coming back. I think after the break I just came back and I had a lot more fun. It's a lot of fun. Since it was so short, nobody really took it as seriously this time."

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Hmm. We wonder what that means for the show this season. Could that mean there are no engagements, if no one took it as seriously? We'd hate to see that happen! 

There are only a few days left until we find out for sure, and we can't wait to see how Amanda and Robby's relationship begins. Things may not have worked out for them in their previous Bach love stories, but we have a feeling they think it's all worth it now. 

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