Briana DeJesus Accused of Making Racist Comments on 'Teen Mom 2'

briana dejesus

Briana DeJesus might be new to Teen Mom 2, but she's already feeling the burn of criticism that comes with the gig. After comments she made on the show this week, fans are accusing Briana of racism, and it all started with her just trying to help her daughter Nova with her hair. 


If you caught the episode on Monday night, you probably remember the scene. Nova wanted to get her hair straightened as her mom, grandma, and aunt tried to convince her that she should embrace her gorgeous curly hair. Since Nova's dad is black, she has a different hair type than her mom does, and it's left her dreaming of having long, straight locks. 

But after Briana told her about "white girls" and their hair, fans let loose on her, and she's not here for it. But Briana has already taken to Twitter to clear a few things up. She tweeted: 


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It was pretty obvious from the episode that Briana was just trying to use terms her daughter would understand -- and that their conversation was about trying to teach Nova to embrace the way she's different from everyone else. Her hair is so pretty, and she shouldn't be ashamed of it! And if you ask us, her mom handled the situation perfectly. 

Briana is still new to Teen Mom 2, so maybe we could all give her a break before everyone starts jumping on her back? Just a thought.

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