The New Season of 'American Horror Story' Surprisingly Won't Focus on the Election

Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images

If you are a lover of horror movies and haunted houses, then you have probably been guilty of binge-watching American Horror Story until you're so scared you can't sleep. The popular FX show is gearing up to debut its latest creepy theme, American Horror Story: Cult, and fans can't wait to see what it's all about. 

At a panel called "The Women of 'American Horror Story,'" held during the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, some new details about the upcoming season were revealed. 

  • Creator Ryan Murphy had previously stated that the new installment of the show will begin the night America elected Donald Trump as president.

    According to Refinery29, Murphy had been dropping hints that the new season would be rooted in politics for a few months now.  

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  • But despite what fans thought, executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall said the upcoming season isn't actually about the election at all.

    "When Ryan had to make the announcement originally that the season was going to deal with Trump, I think it's more about what’s going on in our world around us," she explained at the panel.


  • The show will not be hiring actors to play President Trump or Hillary Clinton at all.

    Although none of us probably wants to relive the stress of the 2016 election, the show using our current political climate as a theme or metaphor will definitely add to the scariness. 

    "It's more about what's going on in our world around us, the idea of paranoia," Woodall said.

  • Some of the other women on the panel included actresses Billie Lourd, Alison Pill, and Sarah Paulson, who will all play a part in the new season.

    Billie Lourd Alison Pill and Sarah Paulson
    Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images

    It is suspected that Alison Pill and Sarah Paulson will actually play a married couple, according to Variety

  • Based on the poster, some things we can probably expect to see are creepy clowns and "hive-mind" antics.

  • I guess we will find out soon enough! The new season premieres on FX on September 5.