Jenelle Evans's Birthday Photo of Jace Brings Out the Haters

jace and kaiser

Is there anything Jenelle Evans can do without getting massive criticism? After this, we seriously doubt it. Jenelle is being criticized over a photo from Jace's birthday, and it makes absolutely no sense.


In the pic, which the Teen Mom 2 star shared on Instagram, Jace looks like any other happy kid on his birthday, cheesin' next to his cake right before he blows out the candles. But it's not the birthday boy Jenelle's followers are taking issue with -- it's the cake. 

 jace birthday

The comments on the photo are flooded with people criticizing Jenelle for Jace's fishing-themed cake, insisting that Jenelle has only recently gotten in touch with nature because David is into it, and this cake is just evidence of how they're pushing their interests on Jace.

Wait, what?! This makes no sense to us. David does really enjoy fishing, but maybe being around a guy who takes part in that hobby has helped Jace discover it's something he enjoys. Does everything have to be blamed on Jenelle? Did we miss a new rule somewhere? 

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Jace seems happy, he got to spend his birthday with his mom, and his cake looks so yummy. So what's the problem here? We get that Jenelle has made some major parenting mistakes in the past, but these days, she seems to have turned over a new leaf. She's making an effort with Jace -- and according to the recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, she's even getting along better with her mom. Let's let the lady do her thing.

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