Barbara Evans Calls Out Jenelle for Lying About Jace in Her New Book

Jenelle and Barbara Evans
Keith Johnson/ News

We knew Barbara Evans would have something to say about Jenelle Evans's tell-all memoir of her life thus far. In Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teen Mom, Jenelle wrote a lot about growing up in a dysfunctional home, and even made some pretty hurtful accusations against her mother.


Jenelle shared the tale of her father falling down a flight of stairs while he held her as a baby, and explained that that was when Barbara kicked him out. Babs countered to Radar Online and said that account is "not even true!"

"She doesn't even know half the story of her life!" Babara explained. "She was only three when her father left. So I'm getting a little sick and tired of [it]," she commented on Jenelle's commentary on their family drama.

Another claim Jenelle made in her book was that her mom tricked her into giving up custody of Jace. According to the 25-year-old, Barbara convinced her to go out for a night on the town with her friends when Jace was an infant. "I should have been suspicious at the time. My mother wasn't the relaxing type of person, much less the kind of woman to encourage others to enjoy themselves," she said.

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She said that when she got home, CPS was waiting for her, having been called by Babs. "My mother had called them and told them I was out partying all night and left my son at home," Jenelle asserted. "She told them I did this pretty much every night, which was a lie. I tried to tell them she told me to go out, but they wouldn't listen."

Jenelle has apparently forgotten about the MTV camera crew who followed her around in those early days of being a teen mom ... because she went out a lot. She's even admitted to be doing drugs during this time, so we're not quite sure what to make of her claims that she only went out partying once, and Babs tricked her into doing it.

Jenelle said that CPS threatened to put Jace into foster care if she didn't sign over custody to her mom. "I wanted to get a lawyer to fight it, but I couldn't afford one," she shared. "I felt like a frightened animal backed into a corner."

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Barbara obviously has a different account of what happened to cause her to go after custody of Jace. She told Radar that that's not what happened, and didn't want to discus it further. "I'm not gonna look like the bad person here, because I'm not," she defended herself.

It seems Jenelle's book has just created a big headache for her. Several of her exes have called her out for making things up, and even her fans who purchased the book have called her a liar.

Poor Jenelle. She'd probably do well to stop talking about her past, and just go forward in life as best as she can.

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