'Bachelor in Paradise' Preview Shows Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Getting Hot & Heavy

Corinne Olympios
All Access Photo/Splash News

Last night on the season finale of The Bachelorette, fans got a teaser of what's coming up on this summer's edition of Bachelor in Paradise. The guilty pleasure reality show almost didn't happen, after something happened between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios in the pool.


Following allegations of sexual misconduct back in June, the filming was suspended for several days, and at the time, we really believed that BIP would be RIP. After reviewing the tapes of the incident, however, Warner Bros. determined that no abuse had occurred.

Everyone was invited back to Mexico (although Corinne and DeMario either weren't included in the invite or turned it down, because they didn't go back), a new drink limit was imposed (no more than two an hour), and supposedly the usual drama ensued.

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The big question after all of this has been -- what exactly happened in that pool? Corinne claimed that she had been assaulted and had no memory of even being in the pool with DeMario. DeMario said that his "character had been assassinated."

The concern was that DeMario had taken advantage of Corinne, since she may have been too drunk to consent. However, this footage shows that she is the one who pulled DeMario into the pool (assuming it's not creative editing, and this is indeed the pool time which caused production to be shut down), and TBH, she looks like she's completely aware of what's happening.

It looks like we're not the only ones confused! The other castmates obviously have no idea what happened, other than being impressed that Corinne and DeMario were already getting hot and heavy. But hey, it's Bachelor in Paradise, right?

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According to sources close to production, Corinne confessed that she had mixed alcohol and prescription drugs. During Saturday's taping of the BIP reunion, the Miami native admitted that she was taking pills that day, and the combination of the alcohol made her black out.

Whether or not Corinne remembered the events that transpired, it doesn't look like DeMario did anything wrong. She was acting completely cognizant, in broad daylight, surrounded by the cast and film crew. No wonder everyone was so surprised when filming got shut down.

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