Chelsea DeBoer Admits the Sad Truth About Adam Lind's Relationship With Aubree

chelsea houska cole and aubree

We've never been very impressed with Adam Lind's parenting skills, but on this season of Teen Mom 2, he's really dropped the ball. He ditched Aubree's father/daughter dance again, and Chelsea DeBoer is dealing with the fallout of his failed drug test. And Chelsea admits that Aubree and Adam don't even have a relationship at all.


On Monday night's ep of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and her dad, Randy, had a discussion about Adam staying out of Aubree's life, and even though Aubree's totally obsessed with Adam when he's around, now that he's not? She doesn't seem too bothered by it. Pretty surprising turnaround, right?

The good news is that they both agreed that Aubs is lucky to have Cole, otherwise she might be feeling her dad's absence in her life even more. It was heartbreaking to hear Chelsea admit that Aubree casually told her she doesn't even think about her dad, but maybe it's better this way if he's going to keep disappointing her.

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Even though Chelsea was supposed to go to court for child support and related issues, that hearing got canceled, leaving her in limbo about what comes next with Adam. Will he see Aubree again? Does he even want to? 

The situation with Adam is pretty scary -- not just for Aubree, for his health's sake too. We can't even imagine just how difficult this is for Chelsea. Our hearts go out to her for sure.

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