'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Is Officially Engaged to Her Prince Charming

bachelorette rachel finale

When Monday night's season finale began, it was hard to tell if Rachel Lindsay would choose to spend the rest of her life with Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus, or Bryan Abasolo. But after some of the most tearful breakups we've ever seen on this show, our girl is officially engaged to her final rose winner and we couldn't be happier for her! 


It's real now, world: Rachel is now engaged to Bryan! But getting there definitely wasn't easy.

No one was really surprised when Eric was the first to go, but seeing Rachel and Peter break things off before the final rose ceremony even happened? It practically shattered our hearts! Seeing Peter cry, wonder if something was wrong with him, and then have to face Rachel again on the aftershow? The worst! 

But the gears quickly shifted when proposal time rolled around, and before we knew it, Bryan was getting down on one knee and letting Rachel know that he's known they were meant to be since the night they met during limo arrivals. How sweet was that moment?!  

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And on the aftershow, it definitely seemed like these two are about to live happily ever after. They were all grins, joking, and laughing with each other, and Bryan even popped the question again now that Rachel is allowed to wear her ring publicly. Bachelorette romances don't typically last too long past the season finale, but maybe this couple will make it work.  

In the end, Rachel was gorgeous, her love story is adorable, and Chris Harrison was as sassy as ever -- everything you'd want in a season finale. And now, Rachel and Bryan get to start a new chapter in their lives as an engaged couple. Congrats, you two! 

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