Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin's Divorce Drama Escalates Even More

kail and javi son lincoln

Teen Mom 2
has been back for less than a month, and already this season is packed with drama -- and the new episode just continued the pattern. Between all the moms dealing with major life changes and lots of new babies, our heads are spinning -- and that doesn't even begin to cover what Kail and Javi are going through now that their divorce is final. 


If you caught last week's bonus ep, you already know that Kail filed for an emergency protection order against Javi. And when they headed to court on this week's edition? We were totally shocked that Javi agreed to sign a consensual version, since he'd been so gung ho about setting the record straight. 

The good news is that none of this seems to be affecting Lincoln or Isaac, or Kail for that matter. She should definitely do whatever she needs to do to feel safe, but was this necessary? We'll trust her judgment, even though Javi is obviously super pissed. 

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In Briana's world, we were shocked too, but for a whole other reason. Can you believe how openly Briana and her fam were talking about her baby daddy issues, right in front of said baby?! And poor Nova wishing for straight hair just broke our hearts. She needs to be around her dad Devoin's family, whatever that takes. 

And TBH, we're glad to have Briana back for no other reason than Nova herself. It's impossible to see her on screen without squealing about how cute she is! How is she this big already?! 

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And much like the other moms, Chelsea was dealing with some baby daddy drama herself. We could not handle the fact that Adam seriously didn't show up for his court date with her and Taylor?! If he wants to spend time with his daughters, he better start shaping up fast. Time is running out. 

Even though the Adam drug test stuff is old news, it was still pretty wild to see Chelsea find out about it, and the aftermath that occurred. Adam has been in some real trouble before, but this might be the biggest we've witnessed so far. 

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And then, there was Leah, who is doing really well these days. It was great to see how excited she was about the new business venture she was getting into with her friend. Is it just us, or is she doing better than we've ever seen her? Hitting the gym, starting a business, taking college classes -- who is this girl?! 

The only thing that's a bummer? The fact that Ali is too tired to take tumbling class anymore. But for what it's worth, Leah is handling the situation with so much grace.

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Surprisingly enough, Jenelle had the least drama going on, and we're actually kind of loving it. She and her mom are getting along, she and David are getting along, Ensley is obviously adorable. What's not to love? We just hope it actually stays this way, and we have a feeling that it won't. Ugh. 

But that's a question that will be answered next week, and until then, we're staying optimistic about it! 

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