Javi Marroquin Throws a Subtle Dig at Kailyn Lowry After Baby's Birth

Kailyn Lowry

There's obviously still some animosity between these two. Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third child over the weekend, and her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, may have just given her quite the snub.


Javi and Kail share custody of 3-year-old Lincoln, and went through quite a nasty split in 2016. Shortly after their divorce was finalized, Kail announced that she was pregnant with her third child (she also has Isaac, 7, with Jo Rivera).

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It seems as though Javi isn't quite over it though, after what he told Radar Online. "I'm glad everything went well for her," he said, which obviously wasn't too bad. But then he said that he and Lincoln "haven't seen the baby yet."

Why the heck wouldn't he take Linc to see his new baby brother as soon as possible? We imagine that he's dying to start his big brother role, and Kail probably can't wait to see them interact.

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Even if Kailyn had purposefully asked for a couple of days to herself in the hospital, why would Javi even mention it to a media outlet? He just can't help but get his digs in, can he?

Meanwhile, there's no news on whether the new baby's father Chris Lopez was present for his son's birth, or if he's even visited. After calling Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy drama "fake" and made up for TV just last week, we can't imagine she was eager to see him. Nevertheless, we hope he decides to be involved in this kiddo's life. Kail already has enough baby daddy drama for one person.

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