Kailyn Lowry Gets Real About Her New Baby's Name

kailyn lowry pregnant
It's official -- Kailyn Lowry is a mother of three. Over the weekend, the Teen Mom 2 star welcomed her third baby, and it's a boy -- but we still have no idea what she'll be calling him, and as it turns out, neither does she. Kailyn still doesn't have a baby name picked out, even though her newest little one is already a couple of days old.


On Sunday, Kail took to Twitter to admit to her followers that the jury is still out on that big decision, and we couldn't be more curious about when she finally will settle on a name. There was so much mystery surrounding this pregnancy that now that it's over, we need every last detail! 


We should have seen this coming, though. Kail has seemed pretty indecisive about what she'd name her third kiddo throughout her whole pregnancy, and at one point, she even ran a Twitter poll to have her followers vote on names. 

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Even though she's called him Baby Lo all this time, we doubt that name will hold up now that he's made his grand entrance. Among the names she was considering a couple of weeks ago were last names for first names, which makes sense when you look at her son Lincoln's name. She also seemed a bit partial to the name Murphy. Could that be the winner?! 

Whatever she chooses, we know it'll be perfect. Now we just have to wait for her to fill us in. Oh, and a baby photo wouldn't hurt, either. Just saying! 

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