Simon Saran Uses Farrah Abraham's Plastic Surgery to Brag About His Package

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran

We knew Simon Saran would have something to say about Farrah Abraham's vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Right on cue, Farrah's ex-boyfriend commented that it was because of his ample size that she needed it.


The Teen Mom OG star publicized her recent trip to the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, where she underwent a skin-tightening procedure called Elixis. Apparently, it uses radio frequency to tighten up the skin. Farrah had both interior and exterior vaginal rejuvenation done.

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Of course Simon is taking credit for her even "needing" it to begin with. He told, "I don't blame her, I'm very big. Wouldn't be fair to the next guy." We get it, Simon. You think a lot of your junk.

Farrah and Simon finally seem to be broken up for good, and his comments seem to confirm it. When asked about the status of their relationship, Simon said they're "friends," but we're not entirely sure.

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After all, Farrah just had her lawyer send him a cease and desist letter last month, claiming that he was slandering her. She also made a statement about it and told Us Weekly, "I'm no longer trying to be cordial or friends with my ex."

Let's just hope Farrah is finally able to move on. She can do so much better than Simon.

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